The Joy, Thrill, Pain, and Value of Learning

The drowning victim lay lifeless on the bottom of the pool in deep water. That was terrifying enough as it was. But even more terrifying was this: it was up to me to save them. Using the “stride jump” I’d been trained on, I entered the water without submerging, and, leaving my rescue tube on […]

Market Shaping and Staffing Commercial Pre-Launch

It has to be difficult for a CEO or CFO to devote resources to commercializing a therapy when approval is still uncertain and far away. PRE sat down with Chris at Life Science Marketing Radio to talk about the activities that make these launches successful and who is brought on to make it happen. Key […]

Is Your Company Commercial Ready?

“The CEO walked in. The first thing he said was, ‘Glad you’re here. We need new business cards.’” As a commercial leader in a clinical stage biopharma company, you face multiple challenges. What choices will you make to help your product move through clinical trials?  How will you structure outreach to critical audiences?  How can […]

Getting your TPP on target

Failure to launch Several years ago, the Harvard Business School professor and author Clayton Christensen presented a dramatic and sobering fact: 80% of product launches fail. Christensen, whose theory of innovative disruption influenced countless tech and Fortune 500 companies, was not referring to the pharmaceutical industry—but he could have been. A 2020 study in […]

How soon is now?

The commercial planning process in the pharmaceutical industry is conventionally seen as a time-intensive, budget-eating commitment with little return on investment. The fact is, the process doesn’t need to be a process at all. Ideally, commercial planning begins with critical questions, whose answers quickly, efficiently, and clearly provide you with clear pathways to success, adding […]

Search and Employ

Recruiting and retaining employees is hard enough in normal times. But these are not normal times in the life science industry. Demand for talent is at an all-time high; job seekers with unique skill sets, especially in clinical roles, may receive multiple offers should they decide to test the market. Delays in hiring not only […]