The Joy, Thrill, Pain, and Value of Learning

The drowning victim lay lifeless on the bottom of the pool in deep water. That was terrifying enough as it was. But even more terrifying was this: it was up to me to save them. Using the “stride jump” I’d been trained on, I entered the water without submerging, and, leaving my rescue tube on […]

Take Charge of the Pre-Commercial Promise.

A misnamed disease. A passionate group of people living with the disease. A potentially lifesaving therapy. An organization on the cusp of transformational change. If you’re reading this, we share a fascination with the promise and potential of the pre-commercial space. Nowhere is there greater opportunity to make the crucial decisions that can build your […]

The Challenges of EAP Communications

If your pre-commercial organization is planning or executing access programs for an investigational product, you’re taking a powerful, ethical, and respectful approach to demonstrating your commitment to patient communities. But access programs for investigational products represent a classic philosophical challenge:  how do we balance the needs of an individual versus the needs of the population […]

Who are you? And why does it matter?

If you’re moving an early-stage asset through the clinic, the idea of “telling your corporate story” may seem like marketing-ese. Or worse, it may feel like a waste of time and capital dreamed up by consultants (present company excepted, of course). You may have hand-picked everyone around you, and your research, experience, and leadership may […]

Is Your Company Commercial Ready?

“The CEO walked in. The first thing he said was, ‘Glad you’re here. We need new business cards.’” As a commercial leader in a clinical stage biopharma company, you face multiple challenges. What choices will you make to help your product move through clinical trials?  How will you structure outreach to critical audiences?  How can […]

Always Get the Worm

The old 17th century phrase “the early bird catches the worm” typically means the person who arrives early seizes an opportunity they might otherwise miss out on. Biopharma organizations certainly can miss opportunities, like all those late birds, when the trigger to start hiring and thinking from a commercial perspective is gated by their clinical […]

The Time is Now to Own Your Disease Space

On the morning of March 17, 2020, I arrived in Boston having just returned from skiing in Calgary, Canada. Knowing COVID was advancing at epidemic levels throughout the country, I felt like I had no choice but to get on a plane and come home.  Before leaving, my wife and I had secured a couple […]

Tell Me About Your Tattoo

What about the patient? At one point in time in the life science commercial leader’s world, the voices of patients, families, and advocacy communities went unheard. Patients, the individuals for whom manufacturing companies work tirelessly to develop medicines for, played a limited role in the commercial picture, as the focus of the planning efforts rested […]