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Disease Awareness

Elevated understanding across key stakeholders, including patient communities in evolving and underappreciated disease states to crystalize the unmet need.

Stakeholder Analysis

Research identifying customer sentiment and key engagement opportunities across audiences, geographies, and therapeutic areas.

Market Assessment

Landscape analysis revealing competitive threats, market potential, and customer attitudes, based on robust literature review, disease expert engagement, patient journeys, and message testing.

Patient Communications

Comprehensive, empathetic approaches for people and families facing serious health challenges including tactical recommendations and content creation.

Market Access

Strategic insights and informed approaches across US and global markets.

Unique, powerful approaches to effective product differentiation and market growth.

Commercial Launch Strategy

Scenario planning, target product profile (TPP) development, commercial launch plan, strategic and tactical recommendations, RFP development and partner management.

EAP Communications

Expanded Access Program (EAP) strategic communications development, including content creation and advising.

Field Team Readiness

Customer engagement strategies reflecting strategic imperatives, including in-person workshops and sales training materials development.

Pipeline Assessment

Analysis of assets in development, including research supporting go/no-go decisions and other critical pathways.





Brand Strategy

Brand evolution and/or creation, reflecting current research, products, culture, aspirational goals, and corporate mission.

Foundational Messaging

Corporate message platform development, including content creation, reflecting corporate positioning for use across media and stakeholders.

External Communications

Comprehensive communication strategies and tactics targeted across stakeholders including PR and media relations, patient advocacy, corporate website, and investor decks.

Corporate Culture

Close coordination with internal HR on the development of high-impact strategies and content that unite the organization and facilitate a top-tier talent hiring plan rooted in corporate culture and mission.

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Our Team of Experts

Decades of experience in precommercial challenges.


Maureen Franco

CEO + Partner

+25 years commercial life science leadership experience, including C-suite roles across global healthcare and service organizations. Deep global experience in preclinical and launch strategy in rare and specialty, including commercial operations and internal readiness, global strategic planning, market development, corporate strategy and communications, and acquisitions.

I believe in consistently keeping the patient in the center
and all good marketing starts with listening.

"A vision without a strategy remains an illusion."
—Lee Bolman


Mike Hodgson

CSO + Partner

+25 years in life science communications strategy, including 20+ specialty and orphan launches, with an emphasis on content and positioning strategy, product launch, creative direction, product and disease shaping, market development, corporate branding, people management and organizational development.

I believe in unconventional thinking, conscious risk-taking,
and deep trust—in ourselves and others.

“There are no dangerous thoughts. Thinking itself is dangerous.”
—Hannah Arendt


We believe in creating opportunities for individuals that encourage learning and growth with a management
philosophy that has an emphasis on supporting the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and citizens.



It starts here. Respect for yourself, your colleagues, your work and your clients. We’re creating an environment with this as the foundation, where we’ll welcome these types of individuals and in turn all will be respected, heard, and valued, not just as an employee, but as a person.



We are committed to building a culture of diverse skill sets, viewpoints, backgrounds, and opportunity—an organization where all feel welcome, and where everyone can thrive.



We’ll provide you with unique opportunities to learn and grow with the goal of acquiring new skills, new experiences, and new ways of thinking—to help you build your career and elevate your approach to creative problem-solving.

We are always looking for interested team members from varied backgrounds.

If you are not a match for an open position listed on LinkedIn but are interested in working with us, please submit your resume for consideration.